"Dulari Kanya", a scheme to bring down infant mortality in the state is launched by which Indian State? राय मशशुमृयुदर मकमी लानेकेलए 'दलार ु कया' योजना कस राय नेशुक है? Options: 1) Arunachal Pradesh अणाचल देश 2) Rajasthan राजथान 3) Uttar Pradesh उतर देश 4) Madhya Pradesh मय देश


Which one among the following is a main system board of a computer? िनिलखत मसेकौन सा एक संगणक या कूटर का मु िनकाय है? Options: 1) CPU सी.पी.यू 2) Keyboard कीबोड 3) Microchip माइोिचप 4) Mother board मदरबोड

Correct Answer: Mother boardA computer runs on three major systems; hardware, software, and humanware. Hardware and software exist together to make up the actual device. The human comes into the picture to bring the whole computer into a functional existence. A Mother board  main...Read more

What is the minimum distance (in metres) required to hear an echo? ितिन सुननेके िलए ूनतम दू री (मीटर म) िकतनी होनी चािहए? Options: 1) 10 2) 13 3) 17 4) 21

Correct Answer: 17The velocity of sound in dry air is approximately 343 m/s at a temperature of 25 °C. Therefore, the reflecting object must be more than 17.2m from the sound source for echo to be perceived by a person located at the source....Read more