On which principle does the hydraulic lift works? वचालत लट कस सांत पर कायकरती है? Options: 1) Newton's law यूटन केसांत 2) Pascal's law पाकल केसांत 3) Archimedes's law आकमडज़ केसांत 4) Joule's law जलूकेसांत


How many players are there in a water polo team? जल चौगन (पोलो) की एक टीम मिकतनेखलाड़ी होतेह? Options: 1) 6 2) 5 3) 7 4) 8

Correct Answer: 7The game consists of four quarters, in which the two teams attempt to score goals and throw the ball into their opponent's goal. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins the match. Each team made up of six field players and...Read more

Who discovered X-rays? X िकरण की खोज िकसनेकी थी? Options: 1) W. C. Roentgen डू. सी. रॉटजन 2) Albert Einstein अटआइंीन 3) Samuel Cohen सैमुएल कोहेन 4) Edward Taylor एडवडटेलर

Correct Answer: W. C. RoentgenWilhelm Conrad Roentgen. Wilhelm Roentgen, a German professor of physics, was the first person to discover electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range commonly known as X-rays today. Although, many people had observed...Read more